Bacardi Rum

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What mixed drink takes away the strong taste of 151 Bacardi rum? I need a good thing to mix with it.?

I have a half bottle of it left, and I'm going to a party but I wanted to bring my own drink.. So what should I mix with the 151? Anything that covers up the strong alcohol taste?

Best Answer...


You don't say how big a bottle, so I'm just going to believe its a 750mil or 1 liter. If you have half left, but a two liter of Coke (not pepsi or cola, but COKE) drink or pour out 1/4 then pour in the rum. Will cut it enough, so it taste no stronger then 80 proof rum. Basically, with 151 you want a 4:1 ratio, if you don't want it to burn your throat or make you super drunk real quick..