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Frequently Asked Questions...

When was the last time a Formula One Grand Prix finished without a retirement?

I've noticed over the recent years in F1 that less and less drivers are retiring. It always used to be the Arrows and Minardis that retired.

But this year, in 5 races, there have been only 2 retirements. At the Bahrain Grand Prix, only Nakajima retired. But I haven't seen a race where all the drivers finished.

Has it ever happened? If so, when?

Best Answer...


Monza 2005 had 20 starters and 20 finishers.
Zandvoort 1961 had 20 qualifiers but only 18 actually started and all finished.
Indy 2005 had 6 starters and all finished but that was a farce!

Edit, Addman, Indy '05 is the only race where all the starters scored points. I think Argentina '58 had the next fewest race starters with 10. There have been a few races where all the finishers scored points, Monaco '96 only had 3 actual finishers, but 6 points scorers. Monaco '66 only had 4 points scorers!