Pantyhose Hosiery

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Frequently Asked Questions...

where to buy cheap colored pantyhose/hosiery/stockings? 10 PTS GUARANTEED, DESPRATE?

I am looking for colored pantyhose/hosiery/stockings..... like the ones at American Apparel :

But they are $14 per stocking which is way too expensive for me.... I am on a TIGHT budget and I need 2 or 3 stockings, is there anywhere that is cheaper and in good quality? I need one in deep red, deep purple and black in specific.
$7 is the max.
IN STORES ONLY, not online.

Best Answer...


Forever21 has tons of stockings and leggings for cheap! Also check out Target, TJ Maxx (They have Hue stockings for $3!), and BonTon. (: