Six Sedan

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Why the Hong Kong enforcement personnel are so bad? Is it because of Hong Kong is a damned sin city?

It happened a few days ago that Hong Kong policemen were accused for the claimed sex services without paying the hookers or the pimps. To day's headlines (in Oriental Daily news, Chinese edition) accused the policemen of the Hong Kong motor vehicle branch extored cash from drivers by staging crashes by ramming the their car into the vehicle from the rear. They conned almost HK $ 26,000 by this conspiracy defraud. They had made 19 man-made accidents by crashing into12 taxis, one small van, and six sedans. These man-made accidents were begin in June 1, 2005 to February 2006. What a city of Hong Kong it is? They threatened the drivers for cash compensation and all of the victims paid the cashes for avoiding the troubles. I personal opinion that Hong Kong civil servants are soiled for extra high paying salaries, least work, highest pension fund in this world. The sinful Hong Kong chief executive raised his alredy overpaid salary by HK $ 430k per month, four times as Bill Clinton made.

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Corruption is a problem that is hardly limited to Hong Kong. That's not to say that corruption in HK is anything less than troubling - it's just a recognition that it is an issue in many cities and many countries.