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I am graduating from a top business school in 2 months.How to find the best job outside my college placements?

We have a pretty good Placements system with 100% placements, so I have a definite chance of getting a good enough job. But my concern is regarding the job profile, as my area of interest is mainly Retail, fashion, business development and I have a major in Marketing (MBA).Concerned because the marketing profile offered here is mainly on FMCG goods, automobiles,banking,etc. which doesn't appeal to me so much.
I would be really grateful if somebody can give me info on specific companies to apply for, given my area of interest & qualifications. Thanks :)
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First of all get ready with your resume, a good one which must have a unique and professional look. Remember your resume should reflect your career line. Don’t copy resume contents from other’s. you first goal is to win an interview call for a face to face interview. register and upload your resume to websites like,,,, and
Verify your mobile number and email id so that recruiters take your job search seriously. Do not apply for each and every jobs available. Read job description properly before you decide to apply.
Apart from that visit various company corporate websites ( you can find them on face book also Go to the Career section and upload your resume for their future openings. Do not forget to attach one nicely written cover letter.
And finally I must appreciate your seriousness towards applying for jobs from your side, despite having a good campus record of your college.
Good luck.