Humpty Dumpty

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Who rewrote Humpty Dumpty and changed the ending to be PC? Doesn't that change the significance of the?

original intent of the rime?
The rewritten version I have heard is unaltered until the end. It now says "All the King's horses and all the King's men made Humpty Dumpty happy again.
Please add your comments to this ending that is designed to avoid stressing little children.
Do you know the reason for and significance of the original rime?

Best Answer...


You know, if we wrap all the children in cotton, rewrite the nursery rhymes to be more PC, redefine sports so everyone gets a trophy for “participation” and generally protect our children from the harsh reality of the world until their 30, THEY’LL NEVER GROW UP! And we’ll have a society of 30 year old Man children living in Mom and Dad’s basement, playing video games all day.