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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I solder metal pinbacks to vintage metal earrings?

I am trying to attach some metal pinbacks (not silver) to vintage clip-on earrings. I removed the clip-on finding, and am now ready to attach the pinbacks. I thought I could use a soldering gun for this, but now I'm not sure if that's possible. Maybe I misunderstood how soldering works? I have used jewelry glue in the paste but I was hoping to create a stronger bond. Does anyone know the best way to do this?

Best Answer...


I think it is doable, after all I've seen my Dad solder wires to metal and it wasn't like he had to check it was the right type of metal.

I think jewellery manufacturers use electroplating rather than soldering which is a cleaner finish but I'm sure there are small indie producers who do solder and if it's a one off it may be your best bet