Austrian Crystal

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how much is Austrian crystal birthstones worth with a Sterling silver?

how much is Austrian crystal birthstones worth with a Sterling silver

Best Answer...


By Austrian Crystal, am I correct in guessing that you mean Swarovski crystal? If that is the case, and the piece is not a collectible by Swarovski or another famous designer, the value lies in the melt value of the silver itself. Not actually seeing it makes a real valuation hard but for a quick idea, check out ebay.

For scrap metal value, weigh your silver on a scale that weighs in grams and note the total. Then multiply the day's spot silver price by .925 which is the percentage of silver in sterling. Then divide by 31 as that is the number of grams in a troy ounce which is the ounce measurement quoted for metals. This is your value per gram which you multiply by the number of grams that your silver weighs. Remember that the full value won't be realized because there are sets in it (Austrian crystal is a form of leaded glass) and dealers never pay full spot price because they sell to refiners and need to make a profit.