Collectors Spoon

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Frequently Asked Questions...

just wondering what "collector spoons" are worth..?

hello i have some collector spoons (10 of them) 1 is out of its case but the other 9 are still in their original cases. a few of them are silver plated and they say things like wisconsin, graceland, mexico, arkansas, knotts farm, dallas texas, and kennedy space center on the top of them. they are all designed and have some carvings in them. i was just curious as to how much these might be worth if pawned or sold to a collectors shop. any info is appreciated

Best Answer...


You might get a few dollars apiece for them, depending on condition and scarcity, on eBay. A collectors shop or pawn shop will pay practically nothing for silver plate. For sterling, they'll give you 20%-30% below bullion value.