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I am searching for my cousin whose adoption was finalized in 1989. His birth name is Josef(ph) Del Thomason.?

His birth mother is Jacalyn Sheree Thomason and father is Jimmie Thomason. His birth date is December 30, 1986. He was adopter Lutheran Child and Family Services in or near Detroit, Michigan. I know that his adoptive family kept his first name as Josef (original spelling) or Joseph. My mother (Melanie Alexander) tried to keep him as a baby and get custody but it was too hard for her and no one would help. I have been looking for him for almost 3 years and I would lkie help. He will be 21 this December. If anyone has any information or thinks that they may be or know of someone fitting these vague descriptions, please reply. Also I know that he is mixed: My aunt is African American and his dad is White. I think that he has adoptive family members in Michigan, but when I try to get information from the state of Michigan records for him all they say is that he has to initiate the search. Anyone please help.

Best Answer...


Have you contacted any Michigan search groups? If you can't find any, you might try starting with the Soundex reunion registry, or (google for it) "Shea's Search Series."

Best of luck to you.