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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is there a producer of Norman Rockwell figurines that is considered the "official" producer?

In the early 80s my parents owned a Norman Rockwell 100 years of baseball figurine that they had to sell to pay the bills during tough times. For Christmas this year I am would like to try to purchase them one but I do not know what is authentic and what is a reproduction. Are there any identifying marks/wording to look for? Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Answer...


No, there is no "Official" producer but some are more highly valued than others primarily based on craftsmanship quality and limited production. Technically speaking, all Norman Rockwell figurines are "reproductions" based upon original illustrations. There are 5 primary producers of Norman Rockwell figurines.

Regarding your specific figurine, you want the Islandia International "100 years of baseball" if you want the highly collectable version but they will be hard to find. Otherwise there are several Dave Grossman versions of your figurine on right now for around $20 each as of today. good luck with your search and keep your eye on ebay.