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The Beatles "7 BTD 2.001" information?

My mother gave me a bunch of her old 45's and I found this compact LP by the The Beatles which I cannot seem to find much information about online.

It is pink and has "7 BTD 2.001" on the top right. There is a picture of all 4 on the cover along with more text.

Any information that ia able to be provided is much appreciated! Thanks :)

Best Answer...


7 BTD 2.001 - Beatles, The - Yesterday (7", EP) - 1966
It's the catalog number of your un-official release made by Odeon.
Odeon was a record label founded by Max Strauss and Heinrich Zunz in Berlin, Germany. It was named after a famous theatre in Paris, whose classical dome appears on the Odeon record label.
It became a subsidiary of the Carl Lindstrom Company which also owned Beka, Parlophone and Fonotipia. Lindstrom was acquired by the english "Columbia Graphophone Company" in 1926. In 1931 Columbia merged with Electrola, HMV and other labels to form EMI Records. In 1936 the director of the Odeon branch was forced to retire and replaced by Dr Kepler, a Nazi party member. In 1939 Odeon and Electrola were placed under a Nazi-appointed administrator. When the Soviet army occupied Berlin in 1945 it destroyed most of the Odeon factory. After 1945 Odeon continued to be used as a label for EMI pressings made for West Africa. In Spain ( EMI-Odeon, S.A. ), Argentina, India, Brazil, France and elsewhere.