Motorola Transistor

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Remember 630 a.m. KXOK?

From the late 1950s to the early 1970s KXOK from St. Louis was the Midwest King of your transister radio. Back in the days when Rock 'N' Roll stations didnt dominate the dial and everything was heard through a leather encased transister radio, KXOK had a very strong signal so Johnny Rabbit and Bruno went into living rooms all across the mid west.
What are your memories.

Best Answer...


Yes, I remember KXOK. I grew up in Iowa and that signal shot right up there, too. I also remember KAAY in Little Rock. They called it "K double A Y" and they played that same rock and roll just like KXOK. That was in the days when AM stations were the best. I had a Motorola transistor radio when a brown leather carrying case. I hauled that thing all over and babysat just to have the money to buy new batteries. I watched Dick Clark's American Bandstand on Saturdays so I could see the latest dances and practice. Then I would be all ready for Saturday night. Ahhhh. What fun! Thanks for the memories.