Gold Balls

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are those braclets with the balls on the ends for?

It's a braclet that I see alot of older people wear. They wrap around your arm and then have 2 silver or gold balls on the end. I hear that there are some sort of magnets in them to make you stay healthy? I also see alot of hippies wear them. What are they for?

Best Answer...


People believe that because people live in houses, work in buildings and walk on concrete, their bodies are deprived of the earth's natural magnetic energy. Magnets replace the energy and promote health and well-being. Modern scientific research has rediscovered, and is studying, this ancient healing process. People throughout the world including professional athletes and celebrities, regularly use magnets to help ease their discomfort. This jewelry brings fashion to the category, with gold and silver finishing that makes it look more like a fashion accessory than a healthcare product. The bracelet combines the virtues of magnet technology with the proven powerof copper, long used for relief from a variety of problems.