Jukebox Machine

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is Cooperative Yard Sales a SCAM?

I am trying to buy a jukebox machine i found on Craigslist and the seller said he will use Cooperative Yard Sales to sell it and i should send the payment to an agent from this company and they ship the jukebox. Is this normal? Or is this even legitimate?

Best Answer...


They are not a scam but i see that are reports of scams using their brand. First of all the service is not that used because it's expensive to sell items so if people don't sell much, of course there are not many buyers, so the service is new to many online shoppers, they charge 35% for items sold through their service, that includes the shipping, listing fees (if any), postage, handling, everything. opinions may vary depending on the people that used this service. Some consider it too expensive, some convenient and some consider this service a SCAM. It's not a scam, i personally used them to buy a few items and i never had a problem from shipping to payment, everything went as stated. Of course there are scammers that saw this an opportunity and decided to use their name in order to scam people, cloned their website, invoices, etc and started list items for sale on eBay or Craigslist and claim that they sell things through Cooperative Yard Sales. Now there are a few steps to stay safe when using them and they are already listed on their website on their Security Page, there's no point in writing them here because it will be a long post.
Some buyers consider them a scam because they are used to the old fashioned way of buying and selling online, meet the person hand over the cash take the item home etc. Well this is not how this service works and i have to admit that their selling methods are a little scary but if you get over the part where you don't get to pick up your item and pay in person the service is actually OK. No hassle with the shipping, payment etc, everything from a mobile phone to a car can be delivered to your door at no expense, now what service offers that these days? Another thing, i have seen some reports online and what i see frightens me. Most of the people that are against this service, never actually used it but they know they are a scam, convinced by the fact that if they can't pick up their item in person, it's a scam. All the PRO-service reviews are from people that actually used this service and was, more or less, happy with their purchases. Now what does that tell you? Well, things evolve, methods, internet, everything, it's not the old school anymore, people are using the internet more and more often, so the scam numbers increased but so did the online services to protect people against this scams. Some people don't realize that this is the ONLY service that protects people on Craigslist. What other protection you have on Craigslist? Craigslist is a marketplace where people sell free, and there are constant reports of awful things that happen on craigslist like robbery, murder, rape, prostitution, child abuse, etc. For example, you want to buy something that cost $4000 and you want to meet the person that sells the so called item because you are Old School right? So you have $4000 in cash over you meeting a stranger....doesn't that ring a bell? There are people gathering information from craigslist to rob their homes, etc. This service protects the buyer and the seller, payment stays in a safe place, no fake paypal transactions, no fake checks, there is a 10 day money back guarantee for all items sold on craigslist that guarantees the items purchased are exactly what the buyer is looking for, etc. What more can you ask of this service? And why would you think it's a scam?