Dashboard Dolls

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Frequently Asked Questions...

where can i find cute little animal/toy/trinkets that go on the car dashboard?

someone please help me I have looked everywhere online and I am not sure if I am wording it right but I am looking for dashboard trinkets like a hula girl dashboard doll but I am looking for these one's I have seen on these 2 chinese girls cars so I'm not sure if it is a big thing in china or what but there were 3 dolls, one was like a little panda or something on a swing, the other was a little animal in a flower pot with 2 leaves waving up and down and the third one I'm not really sure , it might have been like a little hello kitty or something but I thought they were the cutest thing and i was hoping somone knew where to find them. Thanks.

Best Answer...


Auto parts section in Walmart or hardware stores
Toy stores
Dollar Stores
Thrift stores